Happiness Is a Funny Thing
  • Identify and remove obstacles to joy
  • Successfully use humor (even if you aren’t funny)
  • Unlock happiness in the NOW
  • Conquer stress
  • Be irreplaceable at work
Happiness Is a Funny Thing
A New Book by Dave Caperton
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"A real-deal book about personal growth" -William J. Davis, Atlanta, GA  

"What we found in your book was a totally delightful and hilarious read. . We were blown away by your insight and humor and overall message regarding laughter and the need to incorporate it into our waking hours." - Roger and Patti Powell, Solsberry, IN  

  The ultimate goal of every self-help book on the market is to improve your quality of life so that you can enjoy more happiness. Here's a book that skips all the pretense and instead gives you simple choices to bring more laughter, joy, and meaning to every moment regardless of your wealth, your wit or your weight.   Speaker and author Dave Caperton has presented for hundreds of leading organizations in business, health care and education teaching the critical choices that yield greater personal satisfaction and lead to individual and organizational success. In his first book, Happiness Is a Funny Thing,  he mixes common sense with laugh-out-loud comedy to provide a reading experience that will delight readers while challenging them to change their lives.
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